Defund Planned Parenthood Now!

As the nation’s largest abortion chain with a long record of unethical activity, Planned Parenthood does not deserve our tax dollars. Planned Parenthood receives $553 million annually from taxpayers, 43 percent of their annual budget, of which $430 million comes from the federal government. The balance of their taxpayer funding comes from state and local governments. Planned Parenthood claims abortion is only 3 percent of their services, a figure so misleading that Slate magazine called it “the most meaningless abortion statistic ever.

Out of the 9.5 million individual services Planned Parenthood provided in 2014, 323,999 were abortions — roughly 3 percent. But this figure fails to account for the fact that a woman visiting Planned Parenthood for an abortion will receive several services — from a pregnancy test to some manner of counseling to the abortion itself — each of which is counted separately. Also, abortion accounts for more than 60 percent of their total clinic income.

Nobody is trying to reduce poor women’s access to healthcare. Every dollar taken from Planned Parenthood would be redirected to Federally Qualified Health Centers that provide a far wider range of services and a much higher standard of care than Planned Parenthood.

Yes, Mr. President, we gotta defund Planned Parenthood now!


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walterhoyeWalter B. Hoye II is the founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation, the founder of the California Civil Rights and the Frederick Douglas Foundations of California, and proponent of the California Equal Rights Amendment.

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  1. Yes, defund PP now.

  2. Keep up the good fight Mr Hoye! I sent your email to the POTUS.