Democrats Want to Control You and Your Children — Do You Realize What You’re Voting For?

Your child has no legal right to go into a store and get a tattoo or buy cigarettes until he’s 18 or over.

Does your son have a legal right to be castrated because he wants to be a girl? Does your daughter have a legal right to have her healthy reproductive organs removed because she “feels” like a boy?

Bishop Aubrey Shines said this is the Democratic party’s objective. They want to take these decisions out of parents’ hands.

It’s all about state control, Shines said.

What about the people who vote Democrat who say they don’t believe in that stuff? Well, guess what? Shines has a message for you.

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One comment

  1. Hi it is I your favorite Caucasian smart mouthed conservative trouble maker here again to mock the defeated and unrepentant slave holders and founders of the Ku Klux Klan to wit the Democratic party. When I was a little boy there was an organization called The John Birch Society that said that fluoridation was a Communist plot to destroy the minds America youth many people said it was just a conspiracy theory now you can see for yourselves that the Birchers were right! The problem with you gentle reader is that you all must not have been exposed to fluoridated water since you are able reason like normal sane people which also precludes from membership in the Democratic Party. In addition you have an innate sense of right and wrong and you know that their something fundamentally wrong with transgender operations.