WATCH: Deneen Borelli Drops the 'Bleep' Bomb Discussing Obama and 'Black Lives Matter'

Last month, a black man named Shannon Miles shot (15 times) and killed Darren Goforth, a white sheriff’s deputy, in the back while he pumped gas. Anti-cop sentiment is high among certain liberals, and while protesting the government is a right, inciting violence against the police is not.

After the targeted murder, the Black Lives Matter group showed up at the Minnesota State Fair and shouted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” an anti-law enforcement chant calling for violence against the police. The irony? The police were duty-bound to protect the protesters from violence. Only in America. Ungrateful, unappreciative, and hypocritical.

Deneen Borelli, Outreach Director for FreedomWorks, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about these developments. Bill Hemmer asked Borelli and her counterpart, liberal Basil Smikle, how to reverse this anti-cop trend.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented attack against our law enforcement,” Borelli said. “And this has been bubbling and brewing for quite some time. The propaganda campaign that is coming out of this movement is very dangerous and very divisive. And what it’s doing is emboldening those in this campaign to be aggressive and to be violent against white Americans and against police officers. And it’s got to stop.”

When Smikle said, “I could not disagree more,” Hemmer thought he’d misspoken. But the liberal said what he meant. He disagreed with Borelli about the movement, presumably not the part about stopping the violence. He said what happened to Deputy Goforth was awful, “but you cannot impugn the Black Lives Matter movement” for the anti-cop statements, which he called an aberration.

Smikle added, with a straight face, that the movement stands for justice.

All Americans need to call out this movement, especially blacks, Borelli said. “Where is President Obama on this? Where the bleep is President Obama?” Aside from renaming mountains and pursuing a climate-change agenda? “This is absolutely outrageous, and it’s got to end.” Who wants to be a cop now in this climate? (pardon the pun) They will have a bullseye on their backs, Borelli said.

Leadership needs to hold people accountable.

Borelli gets to the heart of what the Black Lives Matter movement is really doing. Watch the brief clip for more.

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  1. Deneen Boorelli is oh! so right. “Lives matter” as we are all of the human race, and yes where is the leadership to hold people of all race’s accountable for their actions, and behaviors.

  2. My objection is to everybody calling this “mob” a “movement!” When you are doing more to incite chaos, racial tension, even anarchy, you are NO movement, you are a mob, and should be dealt with as any mob should – JAILED!