WATCH: Deneen Borelli on the Radical Brownies Indoctrination

Have you heard of the “Radical Brownies?” Someone thought it would be a good idea to form a sort of Girl Scouts alternative in Oakland, California, whose mission is to empower “young girls of color to step into their collective power, brilliance and leadership to make the world a more radical place.”

The “vision,” according to the group’s Facebook page, is to “create opportunities for young girls of color to form fierce sisterhood, celebrate their cultures and contribute radically to their communities.”

Fox News contributors Deneen Borelli and Jacques Degraff spoke with Sean Hannity about the Radical Brownies. Hannity played a clip of one of the girls saying, “[W]hite policemen are killing black young folks,” implying that Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown because he was black.

One wonders if the adults indoctrinating these impressionable children are also telling them how much and how often young black men are killing each other. I doubt it, but you never know.

Borelli called what the Radical Brownies are doing with these girls a form of psychological childhood abuse.

Hannity noted that after a black man assassinated two New York City police officers (Hispanic and Asian) in the wake of Ferguson, someone in a government high school in the city hung up a poster about justice for Eric Garner and Brown, but with this racially incendiary bit: “We can’t let these whites win.” I supposed mentioning “winning” black-on-black crime statistics would be redundant at this point.

The panel also talked about the Little League scandal. Watch the clip for more.

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  1. These leaders should be charged with child abuse and hate crimes for teaching LIES.