Deneen Borelli On Why Obama Didn’t Address Dallas Police Murderer’s Motive

President Barack Obama faced criticism over the speech he gave at a memorial service for police officers gunned down by Micah Johnson during a protest against police in Dallas.

Deneen Borelli of FreedomWorks said our country is hurting and divided right now. We’re divided politically and racially. President Obama and former President George Bush talked about unity, but the former “went off the rails, and he injected politics into this memorial service.”

Borelli called it disrespectful, unnecessary, and unprofessional.

“He mentioned Trayvon Martin. He gave credence to ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They are a radical organization.” It was divisive of Obama “to bring up ‘Black Lives Matter’ at a memorial for individuals who were murdered because of someone acting out of hate and racism” and this group’s rhetoric.

Borelli said the president doesn’t want to address Johnson’s admission that he wanted to kill white people and white police officers. Going in that direction would “blow away his narrative” about a racial problem in America and that blacks have targets on their backs.

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  1. Deneen Borelli, one of the few calm, eloquent, common sense people commenting at any level today! Unfortunately, as outlined in the book titled “The Death of Common Sense,” America and Americans have continuing issues attempting to exercise any such thing.

  2. Did we really expect anything different from the race pimping Obama, He is nothing more than a “community organizer”. His entire existence hinges on creating discord.