Deneen Borelli to Democrats on Investigating Trump: Give It Up!

Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli stated what we all know. The Russia “collusion” story was never about the facts. It was about getting President Donald Trump, a man leftists hate because he defeated Hillary “I’m With Her” Clinton.

Leftists are not gracious losers.

Watch the segment below to see clips of Trump haters before and after Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion.

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  1. I can understand people wanting to pretend being Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day I personally wear orange myself and I suppose that I can Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke feelings because the final lines in Errol Flynn’s 1948 film “The Adventures of Don Juan” are spoken by Don Juan (Errol Flynn) who says to Alan Hale’s character “Leporello” “Remember Leporello Don Juan is Spanish and there is a little bit of Don Juan in all Spaniards.”

    President Donald John Trump is decfato (in fact) and dejure (in law) is the constitutional head of head of the executive branch of the government United States of America and all non-civil service employees serve at his pleasure so when he fires James Brian Comey one of the sleazier F.B.I. directors democrats start screaming obstruction of justice. When former President James Earl Carter Jr. fired David Weese Marston Sr, the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and I remember all lies that President James Earl Carter Jr. told about it the demorats said nothing! David Weese Marston Sr.’s crime? Locking up corrupt politicians of both parties. I told one of my friends a retired cop that he should run for the state senate in Pennsylvania since he was the only Philadelphia politician to go to Harrisburg and back without going to jail he was very indignant until his wife the brains of the family told him to keep quiet I was right.

    Just out morbid curiosity how can President Donald John Trump be accused of violating the Constitution of the United States of America for spending money not specifically allocated by Congress by Speaker of the House Nancy Patricia D’Alessandro Pelosi when President Barrack Hussien Obama was never questioned about the unallocated funds given to the Islamic Republic of Iran? Or did I miss something?