Do Democrats Trust Midterm Polling?

If midterm election polls increasingly show that Democrats are poised to regain control of the House, then why are liberals in panic mode? What do they know that we don’t — or that they don’t want us to?

The highly touted opinion poll analyst, FiveThirtyEight, released an election update video reporting that Democrats have an 82 percent chance of winning a majority of the House in November. The narrator breathlessly reveals that this is the first time their forecast has given the Democrats more than an 80 percent of winning the House since the launch of the model.

Yet an MSNBC panel was apoplectic over President Donald Trump’s approval rating, which remained constant despite an avalanche of negative news stories concerning legal developments on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Some liberals were sure those would puncture Trump’s approval rating.

On “MTP Daily,” Katy Tur seemed unhinged. “Last week was a tidal wave of bad news for this presidency and this president, and his approval rating stayed the same,” said Tur. “So I wonder – I mean, if that’s not going to move the needle, is this John McCain thing going to move the needle?”

Tur continued, “And forgive me for being skeptical because I was under the impression, as was most people, that when Donald Trump came out and said he wasn’t a war hero — he likes the guys that don’t get caught — back in 2015, that people would care. And when I went out and talked to Republican voters, they didn’t care at all.”

Jonathan Alter agreed, smugly asserting, “Republicans don’t care at all,” and saying that the 43 percent who approve of Trump are “so deluded as to believe this guy is a good president.”

Alter’s revelation did not soothe the gasping Tur, who said with dismayed incredulity, “Eighty-eight percent of Republicans still support him — 88 percent. I’m sorry, I just — I start to wonder when we have these conversations and we say, ‘Well, this is going to be the breaking point,’ I wonder if there is a breaking point. I wonder if enough people in this country find the actions and the behavior repulsive enough to want to change what’s going on.”

Evidently, then, Democrats aren’t as complacent as the poll numbers would seem to warrant. If they were, would they be reaching new heights of hysteria in condemning Trump, as when The Washington Post editors declared him “complicit” in Hurricane Florence? Or would former President Obama have re-emerged on the public scene to refute the public perception that Trump’s booming economy trumps his perpetual malaise?

They are nervous and, like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, need an “insurance policy” against these polls. They have to make sure that not a day goes by without their reporting on falling skies — and attributing them to Trump.

Thankfully for Trump supporters, the Trump haters still don’t get it. Obviously, they feel superior in likening Trump’s inelastic support to a perverse tribalism and cultist attachment, but it is nothing of the kind. As long as they think it is, however, they’ll keep hammering away against Trump’s character, seeking to sever that stubborn bond that is driving many of them toward mental instability.

It’s no small irony that one of the major factors driving Trump supporters’ steadfast loyalty is the arrogance and outrageousness of the left. They expect support for Trump to evaporate because he supposedly exhibits the very type of extremism and unhinged conduct they display themselves — every single day. Pot, kettle, my friends.

They might have a plausible theory if Trump’s hard-core supporters constituted a smaller fraction of Republicans, but they are literally arguing that almost all Republicans are delusional and cult-like — that they put party above the national interest.

How likely is it that 90 percent of Republicans became insane overnight? That the ever-bumbling Trump (according to the liberal media narrative) cast a captivating spell on them from which they can’t escape?

Nope. The truth is that Republicans are witnessing how radical the Democratic Party has become and that these leftist policies were greatly damaging America. With their reasoning powers fully engaged, Republicans recognize that Trump is fighting to preserve the America they love, and that on a policy level at least, he is making major strides toward reversing Obama’s destructive course. While Democrats plead that they want to remove Trump because of his reputedly appalling manners and values, their real motive is to oust him because he has been so effective in thwarting their America-crushing juggernaut.

We’ll never know if these mainstream liberal mavens have inside knowledge that the midterm polls are slanted, but we know for a fact that liberals are not at all sure they believe the polls. And we all know what happened in 2016.


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