WATCH: Do Trump and Sanders Supporters Sound Alike?

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Star Parker about a recent column she wrote, “Little Difference Between Sanders and Trump.” Is it true?

Star said she met people in South Carolina who were still deciding whether to vote for Donald Trump or Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primary. There are a lot of common denominators between the two, she said.

“Donald Trump wants to shut down the borders and shut down free trade. But yet he says that he’s a conservative. Traditional conservatives want open markets and free trade, because we believe that competition makes you good. So it is hard to tell the difference now between the messaging of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton.”

The host wondered whether this similar messaging has impacted Trump’s chances. Star said no, it hasn’t. There’s a mentality in the general population now that the government has to do something for them.

“Sixty percent of Americans get more from government than they put in right now, and there’s this overreach that says, ‘Okay, we might not want to go on welfare, but we sure don’t mind you handling these entitlements for us. We sure don’t mind you shutting down companies so we can get better business in our state.'”

Do we want to be free or government-dependent?

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