Does Your Obamacare Exchange Cover Elective Abortion?

abortion-is-not-health-care_2Are you a pro-lifer stuck with Obamacare and worried that your federal or state-exchange plan covers elective abortion?

Abortion In Obamacare provides a quick way to find out whether your state offers health insurance plans that don’t cover abortions — with a caveat.

“*Please remember: The information available on this site is severely limited by the Obama administration’s failure to make abortion coverage information easily available. We have provided our findings and encourage you to contact us at info@obamacareabortion.com if you find additional or conflicting information about Obamacare insurance plans provided in your state.”

In South Carolina, for example, abortion coverage isn’t included in the plans, but residents indirectly pay for such coverage in other states. 

Even in states with federal exchanges like Texas, people can find plans that don’t include elective abortion coverage.

Photo credit: Kristina Hernandez – All Rights Reserved (Creative Commons)

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