WATCH: Star Parker on Why Businesses Are Struggling to Find Seasonal Workers

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne cited a Wall Street Journal report that retailers like Target and Macy’s are struggling to hire seasonal workers. They’re offering more hours and higher pay. With high unemployment, why can’t these businesses find enough workers?

“Are people just lazy,” Payne said. “They don’t need the jobs?”

CURE’s Star Parker appeared on the show to offer her view on what’s happening. One problem is that minimum wage laws are distorting the market place.

“Number two,” Star said, “you have the dumbing down of education. So you have a whole lot of people that are just not going to be qualified to work for these companies. So you end up with a very small pool of perhaps people that are employable…and they’re saying, ‘Maybe not these particular companies.'”

The other guest, A&G Capital president Hilary Kramer, said younger people feel entitled. “And the way family formation works today,” with people in their 20s and 30s “living at home with their parents.” They don’t have to work low-wage seasonal jobs. Kramer added that jobs where employees can earn tips might be more popular for the holiday season.

Star said that considering attacks from the left on entry level job providers, “people become more dismissive.” People who might not have the full skill-set for these jobs and opt to sit out and/or collect welfare narrow the job pool even more. Companies have to raise wages to attract a different kind of employee. (Payne said he knows kids who don’t even have high school diplomas but refuse to work at McDonald’s.)

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