Dr. Alveda King Calls Out Obama on ISIS

Dr. Alveda King believes the country should show “righteous force” and do something about Muslims murdering Americans. To bring order, sometimes we have to use this force, to strike back at Islamic terrorists for beheading Americans “before our very eyes.” Where is the righteous indignation over these crimes?

Dr. King says her father, A.D. King, and her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to bring about change peacefully, but it takes all sides to discuss peace. If one side doesn’t want it, it’s time for “military discipline.”

She also calls on President Barack Obama to bring the nation back to God. It would be a miracle if he even wanted to, let alone made the attempt. Does he believe in the God of the Bible?

If we were “one nation, under God,” as we used to be, would we have to strike back militarily against Muslims who want to kill us? Dr. King doesn’t believe so, “because we’d have “a presence…a power, the righteousness of God standing with you.”

Dr. King believes that if we had God-fearing leaders in place, they’d acquire the wisdom needed to turn around the situation. But our leaders don’t want to call on God or military power. What now?

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