LISTEN: Dr. Ben Carson on Ebola, Second Amendment

On Dana Loesch’s radio show yesterday, Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on the Ebola scare. He said what any reasonable person would say: there’s no good rationale for allowing infected people into this country. He said he doesn’t care what protocols we have. We’re never going to eliminate the possibility of human error.

Regarding the Second Amendment, Dr. Carson clarified his views. Some sources reported that he favored gun control. He’d already made his views clear in the second video in this post and offered more on the radio show:

“What I was trying to get across is that we need to talk about how do we keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who are crazy,and people who are horrendous criminals. That was the point. It was inartfully said. In terms of the Second Amendment, absolutely, we should in no way compromise that.”

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