Evil and Human Nature Are Not Politically Correct

HannahGrahamCamille Paglia — a Democrat-voting lesbian, atheist, arts professor, and author — acknowledges and respects the role religion has played in the arts through the ages. She criticizes contemporary feminism, and feminists don’t like it.

In her TIME article, Paglia said that the hype over sexual assaults on college campuses obscures the everyday dangers young women face while walking down the street wearing ear buds and/or fixated on their phones. They need to be more aware of the “ancient sex crime of abduction and murder.”

(Pictured: college student Hannah Graham, missing since September 13.)

“Young women today do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature,” the sub-head reads. Have they noticed that laws, policies, and attempts to shame male co-eds for their sexual desires don’t stop evil? In this stifling, politically-correct climate, you’re vilified for speaking directly to women about what they can do to avoid being victims and to make themselves safer.

The real problem, Paglia acknowledges, “resides in human nature, which religion as well as great art sees as eternally torn by a war between the forces of darkness and light.” Feel-good slogans come and go, trends wax and wane, institutions are redefined, and deviancy is normalized; however, the nature of evil will never change. “Liberalism lacks a profound sense of evil,” Paglia wrote. “The gender ideology dominating academe denies that sex differences are rooted in biology and sees them instead as malleable fictions that can be revised at will. The assumption is that complaints and protests, enforced by sympathetic campus bureaucrats and government regulators, can and will fundamentally alter all men.”

God instituted government to restrain evil. Whether our unbelieving leaders know it or not, they are God’s ministers to us for good. “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil,” the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 13. Government can’t eliminate evil, change human nature, or cancel out biological differences. Past generations would be shocked to see how deeply embedded the contemptible doctrine of political correctness has become.

Young women are deluding themselves if they think repressive and ridiculous laws and campus policies will absolve them of their obligations or stop men from raping women. Some might be tempted to ignore common sense in this fat, well-fed, and blessedly free country. But, as Paglia wrote, “The price of women’s modern freedoms is personal responsibility for vigilance and self-defense.”

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