Dr. Ben Carson Just Made a Big Announcement That Could Change the Presidential Race

Dr. Ben Carson, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race last week, just made a big announcement. He tweeted this:

And elaborated on Facebook:


Dr. Carson said that he and Donald Trump “buried the hatchet.” He said there are two Trumps — the public man and the “cerebral” man who considers things very carefully.

What do you think of Dr. Carson’s endorsement?

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  1. I bet you a donut he has a payoff coming…..Trump called him a “Pedophile”… I find it weird that He can forgive Donald J. Trump after that… and not forgive Cruz if he did leak, that he dropped out of his campaign…Yet he still could have endorsed Rubio or Kasich…. if forgiveness of Senator Ted Cruz was just to hard to do. I feel this is totally intellectually dishonest coming from a man of his stature to give his support to Trump. I can’t like it… but that is Politics.

    • Carson, like many of Trump’s supporters knows that Trump is the only candidate that can turn the country away from the socialist path it has been on the last 7 years.

      Trump is right on immigration, economy, jobs and foreign policy and the voters know it. America don’t have victories anymore. This is why the establishment of both parties are afraid of a Trump presidency.

  2. I think Dr Carson just showed us how liberal he really is at heart. Trump is a man who is and always has been out for himself. Oh wait a minute, that is the definition of a politician. His conservative thoughts are as real as his Christian actions. I’m not judging, just going by what I see.

  3. I don’t understand how a man as devoted to his faith could endorse DT. When talking about his Christian faith,DT did not even mention Jesus Christ. He just said he didn’t need forgiveness because he was good. Jesus is the central part of Christianity. Without Jesus you are not a Christian.

  4. Does Trump gain delegates with this endorsement?

  5. Amen. It doesn’t matter the party. We the people want a team to lead & who love America.

  6. I have no doubt Dr Carson is an honest and honorable man. I take him for his word. I pray he did make a deal. We need a man like this walking the halls.

  7. Hal G. P. Colebatch

    Trump for President and Carson for VP would make a nicely balance ticket. Carson has everything a President needs except experience. A spell as VP would give him this.

  8. SAD. I had more respect for this man than a see out to conservative Christians.

  9. Unbelievable! Bad judgment! This will back fire.