Dr. Ben Carson on Obamacare: We Can Rework It

BenCarson_smallerDetermined people can accomplish a lot. When things don’t get done, we can blame the lack of sufficiently determined people.

For example, the United States has the power and the authority — legally and morally — to deport millions of illegal aliens. A majority of the people who run the federal government simply don’t want to. Some of those same people also wanted a universal, “single payer” health care system, but because of pushback, compromised (instead of shelving the whole idea) with Obamacare, a bloated and unnecessary new government program. Can we fix it? Ask Dr. Ben Carson.

“What we did not need to do is create another massive government program, and we need to be looking at different ways of taking care of it, putting responsibility back into the hands of patients and to their health care providers,” he said on Newsmax TV, via the Washington Times. “There are things that can be done. We keep listening to people saying ‘the horse is out of the barn, you can’t get it back in there, end of story,’ [and] that’s a bunch of crap. We can do anything. This is America.”

Do Americans really want the government making health care decisions for them? “The government is supposed to conform to our will,” Dr. Carson said, “not us to their will.” He said he’ll make a decision whether to run for president “in a few months.”

The GOP nominee who is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-marriage, and pro-smaller government has my vote. Let’s hope the party nominates the right person.

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  1. No. eliminate obamacare all together.