Dr. Ben Carson on Marriage, His Life

This video segment of Dr. Ben Carson was recorded at the Eastman Employee Center in Kingsport, Tennessee, on February 25, 2014. Before talking about his childhood poverty, he touched on the topic of homosexual “marriage.” He says that we have to have standards and principles in our society, otherwise we have no society.

Dr. Carson says that while he doesn’t oppose homosexuals having legal associations (for hospital visits, shared property, etc.), these associations don’t have to be called marriage, something sacred and established by God. We can be “fair” and “just,” but that does not include changing the laws of nature and the laws of God.

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  1. Dr Ben Carson is an awesome American who is not afraid to say what most of us think. For this, he has my utmost respect. If you would like to see him run for President, please help us draft him to run for President! Just click on the link below to sign the petition!


    Thank you so much for your support!