Dr. Ben Carson 'Shocked' By What He Discovered While Campaigning

bencarsonchristianDr. Ben Carson recently appeared on The Church Boys podcast and shared with listeners what he learned about mainstream media while campaigning for the GOP presidential nomination.

“I knew the press was dishonest,” he said, “but the level of dishonesty, I guess, shocked me a little bit. They came out with all these stories about my temper, West Point, courses at Yale psychology … and implied that they were all lies — and then, when all the evidence was found to demonstrate that they were true, they never seemed to come back and say, ‘We were wrong about that.'”

The 24-hour news cycle is a ravenous beast. Dr. Carson was correct when he said the media have to “create some sort of controversy. They try to make you look like you have strange ideals,” especially when you’re conservative and Christian. From Blaze:

“I would much rather lose than tell a lie, because what good does it do a man to gain the whole world [yet] lose your soul?” Carson said, paraphrasing scriptures found in the gospels. “I don’t believe in political correctness. I do think there’s such a thing as right and wrong.”

Carson added that “people of faith have stood down and the secular progressives really don’t care whether you agree with them or not, as long as you sit down and shut up.”

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  1. Hal G. P. Colebatch

    I have been a journalist for many years. I have also been a political candidate (in Australia) and I know what you say is true. Good on you, Dr Ben!

  2. Dr. Ben Carson is the strongest candidate running. Please don’t be misled by the media. Don’t let them take your vote. bencarson.com for facts. Ask why is the Media trying to destroy this mans campaign?

  3. So true – so true. So when are people of faith going to stand up and fight for what is right, truthful and spiritual.

    • We are; just need many more of us to leave our self-righteous comfort zones and reach out to people who disagree with us and convince them of the Truth!

  4. I am not at all liking the way the Media and all news people are treating our Candidate Dr. Ben Carson, running because God has called him to do so. Now we hope we don’t have to organize and write him in ~ if that is what we have to do then we shall do it right.