Dr. Ben Carson Is 'Solid on Guns'

gunrights_3There’s a rumor going around that Dr. Ben Carson is pro-gun control. How did it begin?

Dr. Carson believes in protecting the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms; however, he expressed concerns about guns in high-crime areas like Detroit, where he grew up. But he’s not a gun-grabber. From Bloomberg (emphasis added):

That statement has led some to unfairly label him as tepid on the Second Amendment, Carson said on the call.

Carson said that “under no circumstances” would he “allow a bureaucrat to remove any law-abiding citizen’s rights for any kind of weapon that they want to protect themselves.”

If he were in a position of national leadership, Carson said he would seek to allow people to possess any kind of weapon they can legally buy, including “automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons.”

Asked by one call participant whether he would support convicted felons being allowed to possess guns after serving their time, Carson said it would “depend on what kind of criminal activity they were convicted for.” He added, “Is this somebody who is still considered a danger to society? If that’s the case, they probably still should be in prison.”

Dr. Carson also opposes gun registration. In this video, he says the Second Amendment is vitally important, and he’d never compromise it in any way.

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