Milwaukee Police Chief Goes Off On Racial Double Standard

A police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shot and killed a black man who he said fought him during a pat-down. The officer reportedly tried to subdue the man with his baton, but the man took the weapon and began hitting the officer with it. The officer shot and killed the man. Edward Flynn, the police chief, not only said the shooting was wrong, but he fired the officer.

That wasn’t enough for the civil rights industry. Not nearly enough.

While attending a meeting about the shooting, Chief Flynn took a cell phone call. Afterward, the media criticized him for it.

In the video, Flynn goes off. He said he’d taken the call to hear about developments in the murder of a five-year-old girl, who was shot to death while sitting on her grandfather’s lap. (The girl was white, and her murderers reportedly are black.) Trying to control his temper, Flynn alluded to the fact that people don’t seem to care about black-on-black or black-on-white crime.

Only white-on-black incidents are worthy of press conferences, outrage, riots, and United Nations visits. Black men kill each other every week, but only white-on-black violence fuels outrage.


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