WATCH: Dr. Ben Carson's Potential Campaign Theme

Anyone running for office and facing voters needs a theme — a simple, cohesive message that ties together the whole campaign. Some themes are better than others — Hope and Change? Right…

Dr. Ben Carson, who’s neither confirmed nor denied he’d run for president of the United States in 2016, shares his potential campaign theme:

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  1. Dr. Carson must strongly support Jewish Israel immediately. We do love him. But, he comes across a little too weak. He is probably our savior, not The Savior, but the one sent by God to help us save us from ourselves.

  2. Politeness is often mistakenly confused for weakness, i think it is wrong to make that assumption of the good doctor. He is thoughtful with his responses and speaks heavily about his knowledge of human nature throughout history whether it is Israel, Africa or here at home. He is not going to be quick to judge. I like that about him, Wise King Soloman. Ben For President