Educational Choice: It’s Time! — Watch Cure America with Star Parker Episode 50

Star Parker said she’s glad that “critical race theory” (CRT) is no longer “lurking in the dark halls of academia,” but is now front and center in the workplace and in K-12 education. The workplace and corporate America are controlled by the hard left, but we still have a choice when it comes to education.

Parents have been pushing back against CRT in schools. They don’t want leftist teachers indoctrinating their children. Lawmakers are fighting back as well. Twenty-four states have introduced measures to ban the teaching of CRT in government schools, and six states have enacted the measures.

Star and her panel of experts discuss this urgent topic. Guests: Corey DeAngelis, director of the National Federation for Children, the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a senior fellow at Reason Foundation; Jonathan Alexandre, senior counsel for government affairs at Liberty Counsel Action; Terry Jeffery, editor-in-chief of CNSNEWS; and Andrew Handel, director of the Education and Workforce Development Task Force at the Legislative Exchange Council.

Watch Episode 50.

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