Election Day 2020: Christians, What Kind of Country Do You Want?

For those of us who waited until Election Day to cast our ballots, we have a momentous decision to make on Tuesday.

Some have said this might be the last free election we have if leftists return to power. They will do all they can to make sure the country has a one-party political system so they never lose power again. Look to one-party California to see what happens when leftists have a super-majority and conservatives have no power.

The Great Experiment that is America will be over. Does that sound like an exaggeration? Far-fetched?

Not too long ago, the mere idea that two men could marry, for example, sounded far-fetched. But not only can two people of the same sex “marry” now, homosexual men who want to live out a fantasy of being women may enter women’s intimate facilities, spaces where women expect privacy and safety. And they have used government power to penalize others who refuse to participate in this fantasy.

Will a one-party government eventually outlaw the Gospel? That once sounded like an exaggeration, but remember what happened in Houston? Five years ago, the former mayor, a lesbian, ordered pastors who sued the city over the so-called Houston Equal Rights Ordinance to turn over sermons and other documents that mentioned the sin of homosexuality. After an outcry, she rescinded the subpoena. The ordinance was put on the ballot, and voters soundly rejected it.

Afterward, Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law to protect residents from being compelled to turn over sermons and other documents or to testify about them.

What happens the next time if the people elect a governor who doesn’t respect religious freedom and the president won’t issue any executive orders to protect Christians, as President Donald Trump has issued? State governments have already used the pandemic as an excuse for restricting church gatherings and worship practices. Churches, faith-based organizations, and individuals are filing lawsuits to protect their religious freedom.

Joe Biden has promised that if elected, he’ll make the Equality Act, a piece of unnecessary legislation, top priority. This measure would give homosexuals super-rights above the constitutional rights of people of faith.

We might be “saved” by a 6-3 Supreme Court that’s more reliably 5-4 conservative. For a time, at least, we have a high court that properly will interpret and overturn anti-Christian laws for what they are: a violation of the First Amendment.

We vote because it’s our civic duty. We choose the man we believe will preserve our system of government, our way of life, and our constitutional rights. Regardless of what President Trump has done for this group or that demographic, he is the sentinel between a people who want to be free and a people who want to suppress.

Leftist policies have weakened individuals and institutions. Some Americans willingly trade their hard-fought liberty for comfort and the illusion of safety. Choose liberty over tyranny while you still have the choice.

Photo credit: By Tom Arthur from Orange, CA, United States – vote for better tape, CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. “…trade their hard-fought liberty for comfort and the illusion of safety.” That’s precisely what happened after 9/11.