Even Toxic Black Leaders Have the Right to Speak — But Here’s What Should Happen

Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli has something to say about Louis Farrakhan, Kamala Harris, and Al Sharpton. They are toxic and dangerous.

Watch the brief clip for examples of what some of these so-called leaders said.

“Toxic black leaders are polluting the minds of black Americans,” Borelli said. “I’m all for free speech, even the toxic kind, because it allows us to evaluate and judge these people by their words. What better way to condemn intolerance than a conversation with someone spewing intolerant ideas? Conversations are important. Free speech matters.”

The problem, Borelli adds, is these toxic leaders don’t get the criticism they deserve. They get a free pass from leftist media, and they get rewarded. The solution? Listen to Borelli.

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  1. It’s difficult to make a distinction among what appears to be equals. However, it is most likely a draw between Farrakhan and Sharpton. Both these men need prayer. They are polluting the minds of many men and women in our community. And it seems their feet are not held to the fire consistently by more respectable black and white leaders.

  2. It is uncanny that Farrakhan went to Iran an participated with the Iranians chanting “Death” to America and also chanted “Death to Israel” and the liberal press chose to bury the story.
    The irony of it all is that Farrakhan’s non-profit religious organization receives our tax dollars.
    This information needs to be spread throughout America to include the minority communities

  3. They get a free pass because they are black. Hispanics get free passes. Muslims get free passes. Whites do not, and their words are dissected, meanings they didn’t intend are injected into their speeches, and that’s if their speeches are reported at all. We no longer have free speech in America, or truth in reporting.

  4. Ms. Borelli, thank goodness for an informative (and sometimes provocative) public forum like Black Community News. It is good for Black America to hear differing points of view on issues that pertain to our community. At one time in American history, persons with your viewpoint–or Star Parker, Dr. Walter Williams, Louis Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, Jessie Jackson, et. al.–were routinely castigated for advancing their opinions on important issues. Let all viewpoints of the Black community be heard loudly and clearly.