Every Child is a Gift, Not an Inconvenience

School buses full of children fill the streets of our neighborhoods each day, as parents send them off to school. And if we followed each of those buses, we’d eventually end up at elementary, middle, and high schools all over the nation, staffed with caring, committed professionals who find value in the lives of the children they serve. It’s amazing to watch a teacher’s face light up when she sees her students enter her classroom in the morning. But that’s not the message we hear about children in the mainstream media.

In a day when women are asked to choose between career and motherhood, children are not portrayed as people with value but as an unfortunate inconvenience. One look at pro-abortion advertising suggests that the woman who chooses to have a child also chooses to resign herself to missing out on a satisfying career, financial stability, a beautiful body, and sexual freedom without regret. The picture of the free, liberated, empowered woman is one devoid of children and filled with everything else. The truth is, the picture is badly distorted and framed with lies.

Many of the people selling the message of childless joy-living are, very often, parents themselves. Ask Chelsea Clinton about her children, or maybe doting grandmother, Hillary Clinton, will offer an insight into why their pockets are lined by supporting an agency of death, even as their lives are enriched by their own children, who are no more valuable than those they willfully exploit.

The Wells family paints a truer picture, not a perfect one. Life with children is vibrant and colorful, dynamic and challenging. It is a rich life permeated with the love of family and the blessing of children. It is a life that invests in children because they realize that children are the greatest representation of love, peace, and joy that the world could ever know. Those who choose to affirm the value of every life recognize that our schools, our communities, and our society are enriched by our diversity, and every expression of life is necessary.

Ask the pro-abortion community these questions: Which of their children would they willingly kill? Which one is fit to die? The shock and horror of even the thought of one precious life lost is enough to silence any doubt. The Wells family — yes, with all nine of their children and the 10th on the way — got it right. Not one child is unworthy of life. Not one child needs to die. Every child, even in the womb, has value, and there is nothing more important than protecting that life.

Psalm 127:3-5 makes it clear that children are not an inconvenience. They are a gift.


The Issues4Life Foundation

This is the September 2018 edition of the Issues4Life Foundation‘s Pro-Life|Pro-Family Initiative video series. The series is based upon the biblical model for both life and family. Jamie and Tiffany Wells (husband and wife) are the initiative’s representatives. Understanding that God is the author of life, this initiative promotes the sanctity of all human life (and in particular, life in the womb) along with the blessings of family based on the biblical definition of marriage.

Our Pro-Life|Pro-Family Initiative Director

Dr. Ashley W. Harrell serves as our Pro-Life|Pro-Family Initiative Director. Ashley is an educator and leader whose commitment to the next generation spans throughout her professional career as a teacher, administrator, and non-profit ministry leader.

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