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Facebook SHUTS DOWN Deneen Borelli — And She Goes Off

“Here’s the Deal,” Deneen Borelli’s hard-hitting video series on Blaze TV, is ending. Facebook has censored her videos, which means advertising and views are down.

Borelli calls it a high-tech lynching. The video highlights the important work she’s done calling out liberal lawmakers and their allies.

Borelli said she’s down but not out. “Zuckerburg, you won this round. But I will not — let me repeat — I will not be silenced.”

Watch the brief clip to find out where you can watch Borelli.

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  1. What do you expect? Deneen Borelli intelligence and independent thought frighten liberals because she does not them!

  2. It’s a huge conspiracy called pluralism with former left leaning former administration worker moving in as gate keeper for the social media and it must be stopped.

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