Faith, Freedom, and Politics — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

After serving as Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence created a new organization dedicated to promoting and defending the policies he championed during his four years in office. To lead this new organization, he tapped Paul Teller, a veteran of Capitol Hill who worked for the vice president and President Donald Trump in the White House. Teller is now the executive director of Advancing American Freedom (AAF). He joins us this week on CURE America.

Teller dives into the current political landscape in Washington, while also highlighting the three “Future of Freedom” agendas that AAF has been pushing forward: unleashing American energy; supporting legislation to stop ESG and eliminate woke capital; and promoting human dignity and religious freedom.

Jonathan Alexandre is back in the guest host seat, and Rick Manning and Marty Dannenfelser joins him on the panel. They take us further into the energy policies and discuss the newest headlines in the debt ceiling debate. Pastor Dan Crabtree joins us once again, guiding our faith and worship, as we celebrate Holy Week.

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