Leftist Lies POLLUTE Our Education System

Star Parker recently appeared on Straight Arrow News to discuss a survey released by the Manhattan Institute on so-called Critical Social Justice (CSJ), which includes “critical race theory” (CRT), radical gender ideology, “gender is a choice,” and white privilege.

Star called the results very concerning but not very shocking. In a survey of 1,500 American high school graduates, 93 percent said they’ve heard about at least one of eight CSJ concepts from a teacher while in school — not a shock. The kids are afraid of being shamed, punished, or expelled for opposing these concepts. Students and teachers feel threatened.

A University of Texas professor recently announced that he was suing the school for threatening his job after he said CRT has no scientific basis.

“I have to wonder why so many teachers are personally against these very subjects being taught, but they’re too afraid to speak out due to the very real likelihood that they could lose their job,” Star said. “These subjects continue to promote the lie that American history is about dominant, oppressive white class, rather than the ongoing struggle that we each have to take our lot in life and build it out. Take personal responsibility to prevail under freedom.”

Star had a lot more to say about this topic. Watch the full segment at Straight Arrow News.

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