A Father Who Opposes Critical Race Theory Said Teachers Indoctrinating Kids to Hate Each Another

So-called critical race theory (CRT) divides people into “oppressed” and “oppressor” categories based on race and sex. CRT teaches that the United States is a fundamentally racist country, and people are inferior or superior to others based on race, ethnicity, sex, or religion. Individuals in the “oppressor” category are responsible for what their ancestors did.

The concerned father in the video clip below opposes the teaching of CRT to children. He said the school district is failing. CRT was never meant to be brought into grade schools or high schools. It’s taught in the collegiate atmosphere, “and more importantly, the legal portion of the collegiate atmosphere to see different laws through the lens of race from…an ethical standpoint.” The problem with bringing this fringe theory to grade schools and high schools is “we don’t have the educators to properly teach these kids. Instead, they’re using it as their own agenda to indoctrinate the kids to hate each other.”

CRT teaches that white people are bad. He said that is not true. “That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil.” Then he mentioned an incident that happened to his daughter at school. This father said the school’s job is to teach children math and science. Educating children about life issues is the parents’ job. Watch the clip for more.

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  1. CRT = Create Racial Tension/Turmoil/Terrorist!