A Second Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Title IX ‘Transgender’ Changes from Going into Effect in Several States

Two federal courts have blocked the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX from going into effect on August 1, while lawsuits proceed.

The U.S. Department of Education issued a final rule in April that redefines the word “sex” in anti-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and “gender identity,” which means boys get to invade girls’ privacy and compromise their safety and sense of modesty by using their restrooms and changing rooms.

The changes also mean that women who express discomfort about men in the women’s restroom could be accused of harassment. A girl in elementary school might get in trouble if she refuses to refer to a male teacher wearing a wig and a dress as “she.”

Several states filed lawsuits to stop the law from going into effect while the matter is pending. A federal court temporarily blocked the administration from enforcing the rule changes against Louisiana. The state’s attorney general said the preliminary injunction is a “victory for women and girls.”

The ruling also covers Idaho, Mississippi, and Montana.

A second federal court issued an injunction this week that covers several other states, including Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky wrote (via Alliance Defending Freedom):

“Nonetheless, despite society’s enduring recognition of biological differences between the sexes, as well as an individual’s basic right to bodily privacy, the Final Rule mandates that schools permit biological men into women’s intimate spaces, and women into men’s, within the educational environment based entirely on a person’s subjective gender identity. This result is not only impossible to square with Title IX but with the broader guarantee of education protection for all students.”

Title IX was created to bar discrimination against women and guarantee equal opportunities for them, but what force does it have if the law treats men as women?

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) also represents Christian Educators Association International and a 15-year-old girl in West Virginia who ran track. The state allowed a boy to compete against girls and deprived ADF’s client and other girls a chance to compete fairly. Because of a delusional boy, this teenage girl lost the chance to compete in a conference championship. From ADF:

The male athlete has finished ahead of almost 300 female competitors in three years of competition on the girls’ team.

ADF attorneys also noted that Tennessee and Kentucky have laws that would protect the privacy and free speech of teachers who are members of Christian Educators Association International and teach in schools covered by Title IX. But those state laws and the protection they provide to ADF clients and people like them would be wiped away by the administration’s new Title IX rules.

The U.S. Congress wrote Title IX to guarantee equal opportunity for girls and women in schools and educational programs that receive federal funds. It is up to Congress to change the law to allow males to indulge in their bizarre fantasies while destroying women’s sports teams.

Photo credit: Alliance Defending Freedom

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