Pro-Hamas and Democrats: A Love Story — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

This week on CURE America with Star Parker, we discuss how Democrats have systematically attacked Rep. Byron Donalds, using a selectively edited video clip. We set the record straight by presenting the entire footage for you to judge and form your own opinion.

Joining us in this discussion are Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government; Marty Dannenfelser, vice president for Government Relations at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education; and Jonathan Alexandre, senior counsel at Liberty Counsel Action. Together, we dissect these systematic attacks on Donalds and their broader implications for the political landscape.

In addition, we examine the recent escalation of violent pro-Hamas protests against cultural institutions, especially in New York City.

Later in the show, we have an insightful interview with John Sweppie from the American Principles Project, where we explore some critical perspectives that affect the future of our nation.

Our conversation with our panel dives into the upcoming elections, highlighting key states and the strategic maneuvers shaping the political landscape. Furthermore, we analyze the profound impact of left-wing policies on poverty and their role in fostering anti-Israel sentiments.

Stay tuned for these critical insights and more, only on CURE America!

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