Female Security Guard Charged With Assault for Removing Man From Women’s Restroom, Chaos in the House

A security guard at a Giant grocery store in Washington, D.C., forcefully removed a man pretending to be a woman from the women’s restroom.

Not long ago, the security guard would have been doing her job. Today, she’s charged with simple assault. From NBC Washington:

Belcher said the guard told her, “You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”

She said she called police and reported the incident after she left the store. According to a police report, officers arrested the guard at the Giant after the confrontation.

A biological male is referred to as “she” and “her.”

According to the story, the security guard called him “derogatory” names and shoved him. While we don’t condone name-calling or excessive force, the man shouldn’t have entered a restroom designated for women.

In related news, the Hill reported that the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives “devolved into chaos and shouting” after Republicans voted down an amendment that would have nullified a defense authorization measure to protect religious businesses and other organizations that receive federal money from religious discrimination.

Initially, it appeared Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s (D-N.Y.) amendment had passed, as 217 “yes” votes piled up over 206 “no” votes when the clock ran out. The measure needed 213 votes to pass.

But it eventually failed on a 212-213 vote after a number of Republican lawmakers changed their votes from “yes” to “no” after the clock had expired.

GOP leaders held the vote open as they pressured members to change sides. Infuriating Democrats, they let lawmakers switch their votes without walking to the well at the front of the chamber.
“Shame! Shame! Shame!” Democrats chanted as they watched the vote tally go from passage of Maloney’s amendment to narrow failure.

Actual shameful acts: Forcing people to accept deviant behavior as normal, violating their faith and conscience, or face burdensome government fines; disregarding the privacy, safety, and modesty of women and girls.

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  1. Christopher Richey

    No privacy. Now, no security. There is a war being planned. And it’s funny that TRUMP is being compared to Hitler.

  2. to every american and Christian,if you thank this is right.Lets put your little girl or boy ina restroom with the opposite sex.If you thank all the rapes and murders are bad now,just wait tell the congress trys passing this bill.know matter if your a democrat orrepublican people we are americans,home of the free and the brave.Our kids and brouthers and sisters fought and fighting for our rights and our freedom.We all need to Unite and fight back for our Country befor our goverment turns this into a Comunist country and our flag has a swatika in th middle of it and Trump is our leader.Then we might as well kiss your butts goodby..