Ferguson Protest Leader Admits He Does Not Want Justice For Officer Wilson

The founder of “Justice for Mike Brown,” Derk Brown, was part of a guest panel on Tuesday’s Sean Hannity Show as the nation awaits the grand jury decision from Ferguson. There have been reports of civil disobedience and riots if the grand jury does not indict Officer Darren Wilson. One group has reportedly put a bounty on the head of the police officer. Hannity questioned him about Mike Brown’s behavior towards the store clerk.

“Who treats a clerk like that?  Do you treat a clerk like that?  You ever do that in your life?”

Brown said that he has not.

“And if it turns out he’s tried to get the officer’s gun?  Who acts like that, if that turns out to be true?  Is that behavior of somebody that you want justice for?  What about justice for the officer?”

Brown responded that he does not want justice for the officer.

“You don’t want justice for the officer?  You made up you mind, you tried, you convicted him?  You don’t want justice for the officer?”

Brown insisted that the officer was wrong in his actions.

“You don’t if it’s wrong.  You don’t know anything.  You don’t know if it’s wrong.  Wait a minute.  Stop here.  Why don’t you just want justice, period, whatever way it come out?  I want justice and fairness.”

Hannity suggested to Brown that if the officer had acted in a wrong manner or had not obeyed the law, then he would understand if the grand jury decides to indict Wilson. However, if it went the other way, then Officer Wilson should go free.

“Why wouldn’t you support justice for him?”

Rather than answer, Brown attempted to side-step the question by suggesting that Officer Wilson should have gotten on the radio to call for back-up.

Former New York Police Detective Bo Dietl added his comments:

“These things happen so fast….Until you are out on the street, you don’t know what your dealing with.  You got split-second, life and death decisions and you’re going to be judged forever and ever about what you do.  And there’s a lot of cops, 370 cops, didn’t come back last year.”

(h/t: Fox News)

Image credit: Fox News screenshot

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. ‘suspicions confirmed’,Derk Brown and those like him don’t want justice they want to be thugs and do what ever they want and blame all consequences of what ever happens on anyone but themselves.