Backlash: These State School Board Associations Permanently Break from the NSBA Over That Infamous Letter to Biden Comparing Parents to Domestic Terrorists

Parents Defending Education sent letters to 47 state school board associations across the country to get their views on a letter (PDF) that the president and CEO of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent to President Joe Biden asking the federal government to investigate parents who threaten local school board members, comparing them to domestic terrorists.

The letter prompted Attorney General Merrick Garland to task the FBI to work with state and local governments to investigate the supposed threats.

Seventeen states have joined together to challenge the federal government’s attempts to intimidate parents.

Twenty-three states (as of October 28) have distanced themselves from letter. Among these 23 states are five that have permanently broke from the NSBA: Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The NSBA board of directors apologized to member school boards for the letter. House Republicans have asked Garland to withdraw his memo since the NSBA board essentially retracted the letter. So far, Garland has not withdrawn it.

At a Senate Committee hearing last week, Senator Ted Cruz grilled Garland about his memo.

Representative Jim Jordan recently asked the attorney general at a hearing whether FBI agents would be attending local school board meetings. He said no. But the feds already might be watching parents at local school board meetings.

Stacy Langton, a Fairfax County mother of six, said she saw what appeared to be unmarked federal cars outside a recent school board meeting.

“Some may have been Fairfax County,” she said. “Some may have been FBI…And we had a helicopter, a literal helicopter overhead.” Langton called this “ridiculously un-American.”

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