Black Americans and the Vaccine Mandate — Jim Crow All Over Again?

Star Parker recently talked about what she thinks of vaccine mandates on Victory News. The host noted that cities are willing to “sacrifice thousands of first responders to obey this crazy mandate by the president.”

What does Star expect to see from these fired first responders? They’re going to go to Florida because the governor said his state will give them bonuses, she said, adding that this is a really sad time. We’re saying that government is so emboldened that it’s going to overreach into our personal lives, and we face losing everything for refusing vaccination, even though a COVID-19 pill might be available soon.

We will start seeing “a massive exodus” of first responders in cities.

Is the media telling the real story? A disproportionate number of unvaccinated Americans are black, especially in New York City. Given the mandate, what does this look like? Star will tell you. Watch the brief clip.

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  1. South LA had several vaccine roll outs this summer. Surprised to see folks from Westside far out number those from the “hood.” “You can lead a horse to water, but…”