Formula for Success — Here’s How to Avoid Poverty

Starting August 17, CURE will begin a billboard campaign in distressed cities across America with a very important message you can read in the billboard images below. Learn more about our billboards at

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  1. I saw your message on Pres Trump’s RNC program this week. I am white, a 37yr Marine/Army vet. I have seen unjust racism in S. Carolina working in the mills in the 70’s. We had riots in the halls of my high school in Tulsa. I have worked for many fine black leaders and bosses in both military, government, and private organizations. I have had many good black employees and soldiers work for me. Like whites, there are good ones and bad ones. The one thing I have noticed in the last few years is that no one is teaching or telling black men both young and old that you must respect law enforcement, whether they are right and polite, or wrong and bullies. To disrespect and resist is just asking for more violence, whether white or black. I always fear the law enforcers, whether I am right or wrong. I have had bad cops point their weapons and falsely accuse me when I was a teen. I learned to respect them. They must have instant respect in order for them to do their job safely for both them and the suspected lawbreaker. None of the dead men killed by cops in the last few years would be dead if they had obeyed the voice of the officers and not argued or resisted. When will someone express this truth?