Fourth Planned Parenthood Video and Temporary Injunction

WARNING: Gruesome video of a torn-apart baby.

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a fourth undercover video that shows Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, discussing the sale of intact body parts of aborted babies.

The operative got Ginde to agree to pricing per body part, and Ginde suggested how they could cover up the deeds.

“Putting it under ‘research’ gives us a little bit of an overhang over the whole thing,” she said. “If you have someone in a really anti state [those pro-lifer extremists!] who’s going to be doing this for you, they’re probably going to get caught.”

Later in the video, Ginde stands over what she admits is a baby, pointing out the intact organs. That is a first-trimester baby (11.6 weeks), a recognizable human being with organs marketable enough for selling and far from a “clump of cells” or an undifferentiated mass of tissue. Women go to places like Planned Parenthood to snuff out these lives because their pregnancies are an inconvenience.

StemExpress, the company that works with Planned Parenthood in selling aborted-baby body parts, has successfully persuaded a court to block CMP from releasing another undercover video that exposes the casual and gruesome manner in which they discuss, haggle over, and pick through aborted babies.

From the Washington Times:

StemExpress is “attempting to use meritless litigation to cover-up this illegal baby parts trade, suppress free speech, and silence the citizen press reporting on issues of burning concern to the American public,” said the CMP statement.

“They are not succeeding — their initial petition was rejected by the court, and their second petition was eviscerated to a narrow and contingent order about an alleged recording pending CMP’s opportunity to respond,” the group said.

In the first video CMP released, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the abortion mill’s senior director of Medical Services, eats salad and sips wine as she casually discusses the market for intact organs of aborted babies. The second video showed Dr. Mary Gatter, president of the Medical Directors’ Council, haggling prices, and the third video showed actual aborted babies.

Planned Parenthood hired a PR firm that sent memos to news organizations asking them to suppress coverage on these most newsworthy revelations.

That the U.S. Supreme Court declared a previously unknown constitutional right for women to kill their own unborn children doesn’t mean we should be forced to fund abortions. The killing itself is a huge issue for pro-lifers, but a close second is that Planned Parenthood receives our money. If you don’t want your child, use your own money to get rid of “it.”

A hearing on August 19 will determine what happens next with the videos.

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