Watch: Ben Carson Drops Two-Sentence Planned Parenthood Truth Bomb That Stuns CNN Host

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson discussed the ongoing controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood’s apparent complicity in the harvest and sale of aborted body parts during a recent segment of The Lead.

A series of undercover videos revealed the disturbing practice, prompting Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens to respond. In a statement this week, she declared that those who released the footage engaged in a “grossly offensive act” against an organization that exists to “foster an environment in our country where providers of essential women’s health care and their patients are not subject to threats, harassment and intimidation.”

Tapper asked Carson for his reaction to Laguens’s reaction.

“The argument is,” the host began, “that none of the federal money pays for abortion. That is separate funding; and by defunding Planned Parenthood you would be eliminating all these other vital medical procedures, which you as a doctor know.”

Carson replied: “All of the services she mentioned are available through multiple other sources.”

He continued, alleging that the taxpayer-supported organization “makes money selling baby parts” and “doesn’t seem to understand the sanctity of human life and is willing to destroy that.”

Tapper used Carson’s point regarding disproportionately high numbers of Planned Parenthood facilities in minority communities to suggest that poor Americans might need the health services these clinics provide.

“I thought they were supposed to be able to get all of these things based on Obamacare,” Carson retorted. “Why do we need Planned Parenthood?”

h/t: Truth Revolt

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. haywood Jablowme

    that’s it ben shove Obama care up that libturds butt!

  2. Jane Blacksmith

    Shaaaazaammmmm. The calm, cool, and collected major smackdown.

  3. Planned Parenthood does NOT do mammograms. Never has.

  4. This is one among other practices that Planned Parenthood has indulged in. If they are not going to do business according to ethical and medical stipulations their funding should be revoked.

  5. Abortion is murder of a unborn child whether it is black, white, yellow or red pigmentation. It is morally wrong.

  6. What a stupid, smarmy comment. Carson is on record as being completely against Obamacare as well as Planned Parenthood. Apparently he couldn’t care less where poor women get healthcare.

    • You should be as smart as Dr. Carson is…Let you brain clear…can’t you tell he is against planned parenthood and the Affordable/unaffordable care act. He knows PP was designed by Margaret Sangor (not sure of spelling)to eliminate black children. They don’t care about giving services, they want dead black children. Think about it.

    • Think again about Mr. Carson’s message. Obamacare is the current law of the land. His record in irrelevant. Concisely pointing to Obamacare is perfect since that was supposed to provide everything. Then planned parenthood now has zero purpose.

  7. Way to go, Ben Carson! Yours is the voice of wisdom!

  8. There are NO Planned Parenthood clinics that I have ever heard of that provide Mammograms! If they exist please list them for me!

  9. Should never have been funded in the first place.