George Zimmerman Should Be Rich By Now

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Liberals are effective at making their constituents mad before they allow them to think, and such was the case with George Zimmerman.

Last week, Sanford, Florida, Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson ruled that Zimmerman was not entitled to a monetary settlement from NBC. Judge Nelson went so far as to write that Zimmerman made himself difficult to defame because he voluntarily made himself a public figure when he publicly protested the refusal of the Sanford Police Department to arrest the son of a white police officer who had punched and broken the nose of a homeless black man. Zimmerman filed a lawsuit approximately two years ago against the network after NBC purposely edited tapes of his 911 call in order to portray him as a racist after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin while defending his life.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, the Democrat Party and their cohorts in the media were desperate for an opportunity to stir up dissension amongst voters. It was only a matter of time before the Left would play the race-card in order to energize their base in the hopes of re-electing President Obama. The Left had already begun effectively framing Mitt Romney as the “evil rich white Republican that was out of touch with everyday Americans.” Tragically, Trayvon’s death was just what the Democrat’s needed to make Zimmerman their racist scapegoat for the political season. However, there were a few details initially left out by both the local and national media that we now know were intentional, and perhaps saved Zimmerman from a life sentence in prison; Zimmerman was a Hispanic with black grandparents, a Democrat, a mentor to a couple of black kids, and he had lacerations on the back of his head that coincided with his self-defense claim. Zimmerman may have been an overzealous neighborhood watchman, but he wasn’t a murderer.

Whether or not you believe George Zimmerman rightly or wrongly shot Trayvon, one thing is for certain if you’re honest: he never got a fair shake in the media. He was found guilty in the court of public opinion before we ever saw his face. Never underestimate the left’s willingness to destroy one life in order to gain the advantage of maintaining an underclass constituency.

I live in Orlando, and I drive to Sanford (the city Trayvon died in) routinely. I can tell you firsthand when the story of Trayvon’s death first broke, at least one of our local news affiliates reported that a “white male believed to be a skin head chased down and fatally shot a young black teenager in the back.” My jaw dropped and my heart sank into my stomach upon hearing the news. By the next day I heard NBC’s edited version of Zimmerman’s 911 tape in conjunction with the local reporting. I became enraged and fearful all at once. For a moment I thought to myself “maybe liberals are right. Maybe we haven’t come as far in race relations as I thought.” However, realizing this wasn’t something you heard of every day, unlike black-on-black crime in inner cities (aka Democrat strongholds) across America, I gained my composure. Regardless, I wanted justice, and my preference was the electric chair for this Zimmerman guy. If the media could stir up these emotions in a black conservative like myself, imagine what they could do to an uninformed black voter base.

Recall the racial derision in the air spearheaded by our President and Attorney General at the time. I was afraid that Trayvon’s “murder” would be enough to stir up racial riots here in Orlando. I lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. The feeling that came over me was eerily similar to what I felt when the world witnessed Reginald Denny being beaten within an inch of his life. At the time of Trayvon’s death, it gave me great solace to learn that the “suspect” had been apprehended by the Sanford Police- another fact not reported initially in the national media.

Too many reporters were trying to be first, and not necessarily accurate. After a few days something happened that convinced me that George Zimmerman should win the DNC’s Guinea Pig of the Year Award. They finally showed his picture on television! Once again my jaw dropped. I remember saying to myself out loud…”what the hell! This fool ain’t white! He’s Puerto Rican or Mexican!” Immediately, I knew that George Zimmerman was being railroaded, and the subsequent visits to Orlando by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton confirmed it. The media wasn’t concerned with “justice for Trayvon.” They were concerned with creating a racial narrative in order to secure the “black vote” for a feckless president who did nothing in his first term to help his own people advance economically. They were willing to do this at the expense of a Hispanic (not a White-Hispanic) man’s life.

I watched the Zimmerman trial just as many of you did. It was obvious to me that Judge Debra S. Nelson (a judge I stood in front of in a juvenile dependency case by the way) was biased in favor of the prosecution. I don’t believe she wanted Zimmerman to go free, nor do I believe she had the courage to make waves in a case that could potentially set off Los Angeles style riots. Unfortunately, last week when the judge had an opportunity to choose “Justice for Zimmerman,” she once again chose her bias and fear instead.

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  1. It was a Setup -Zimmerman knew about Martin