Rebroadcast: God Before Government — Star Parker’s Story

What is the story of Star Parker? This week on CURE America, Star takes time to sit down with Necho Carroll (former CURE Clergy member manager) to share her testimony on more than two decades of fighting for America’s most distressed communities.

Star and the CURE team attended the National Religious Broadcasters Convention earlier this month. While sitting beside a river at the Gaylord Opryland Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Star shared the story of God before government, why she founded CURE, the critical work being done now, and how the need to sort through the terrible noise of the news brought about the creation of Cure America.

Guests: Star Parker, Founder and President of CURE, and Necho Carroll.

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  1. I would challenge Star to check out Back-to-School Nights and Parent-Teacher Conferences at various school districts. Ask about homework and attendance and Tell us what you see. Maybe there are solutions you can recommend.