Gov. Greg Abbott Holds Ceremonial Signing for Bill Protecting Women’s Sports — And Leftists LOSE It

The Texas legislature passed a bill to bar men from competing on women’s sports teams in colleges and universities. Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law in June and held a ceremonial signing of this bill on Monday.

“Women have thrived under college sports,” he said in a statement. “They have mastered discipline, spurred drive, and cast visions inspired by a work ethic to achieve greatness. They have learned to triumph with grace and how to gracefully accept failure. They have learned how to hone skills and then translate them into successful careers and families. The legacy of women’s sports will now be safeguarded for generations to come.”

Lawmakers passed a similar ban for middle and high school sports, which became law in 2021.

Riley Gaines, former college athlete and outspoken proponent of barring men from competing against women on sports teams, attended the ceremonial signing. She said that Gov. Abbott “has sent a powerful message to Texans and to all Americans that we must protect the female category in sports if women and girls are to have equal athletic opportunities required by law.”

Leftists hate it, of course. They don’t believe that women — generally smaller, slower, and physically weaker than men — should have a fair chance to actually win races. These “feminists” believe that male athletes living out their sexual fantasies of being women have the right to rob women of equal opportunities.

Leftists hate it so much that they gathered outside the ceremonial signing venue and threw water on lawmakers.

Gaines posted this video clip on Twitter:

Victoria Coley of the Independent Women’s Forum and Michelle Evans, who said she was physically assaulted after the signing, posted videos (here and here) on Twitter. Watch at your own discretion.

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