Guess What Kind of ‘Marriage’ Is Next

What logical reason could one give to prevent a man and four women from legally “marrying”? If two men can call themselves married, why not three men? Why only two people…if love is all that matters?

Sooner than we expect, five people of whatever sex will be able to call themselves a “married” unit. So-called marriage equality isn’t about equality. If that were the case, a parent could argue a “right” to marry his/her child. A brother could appeal to “marriage equality” to marry his sister. Redefine marriage, and the word is rendered meaningless, the logic stretched to absurdity.

Last year, a federal court invalidated the portion of Utah’s law against bigamy that barred unmarried people from living together. Some thought this ruling, in the context of the polygamy case, moved the country one step closer to polygamy.

Polygamy is one of the reasons why people opposed redefining marriage for homosexuals. If the U.S. Constitution contains a “right to marry,” what law can deny marriage to any two or three or four consenting adults?

That’s what “Sister Wives” Kody Brown and his four women want to know. From the Christian News Network:

An attorney representing a polygamist at the center of the TLC reality show “Sister Wives” is pointing to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex “marriage” in his fight against Utah’s appeal of a federal decision striking down the state’s ban on polygamous cohabitation.

“From the rejection of morality legislation in Lawrence to the expansion of the protections of liberty interests in Obergefell, it is clear that states can no longer use criminal codes to coerce or punish those who choose to live in consensual but unpopular unions,” attorney Jonathan Turley wrote on behalf of plaintiff Kody Brown.

As the government continues to expand the meaning of marriage, the “marriage equality” lobby will push for penalties against Christians who criticize it. Guaranteed.

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  1. The standard for marriage has been destroyed, now there are no standards so several men and maybe a few women to keep it spicy and why not a few children, all one big happy family. This has all happened before and it destroyed a great nation, it will again!