Have Decades of Liberal Programs and Excuses Helped Blacks?

JasonRileyJason Riley’s book, Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed, reveals the dire need to educate all people, particularly African Americans, on the things that divide us. It shows us the need not to listen solely to the institutions and voices that dominate the microphone of enlightenment.

Riley’s Please Stop Helping Us points out how black politics in America needs to be rebuilt. I believe the best contractors for this process are pastors. The book amplifies the decades of “helping” by making excuses, making laws, making liberal politician’s government programs that give a crutch to a people that need none of the above.

I was almost stunned at the information about unions that blocked blacks from higher-paying skilled jobs. Riley reveals how skills learned during slavery were lost when freedom came, because the Negro was a threat to the white man’s jobs. Riley also mentions that whites did not want to work alongside the Negro. So unions were created to keep the Negro out, yet, they are still operating today. However, the ignorance of unions’ mission is seemingly hidden from the people who support them!

I’ve pastored for over 35 years, but Jason Riley’s writing has given me new fodder for messages to educate the people the Lord allows me to speak to. It’s given me a vision of the possibility for change with proper, good information. The chapter on the power of the teachers unions and the deterioration of our schools are enough to preach on for a year. Thanks, Jason Riley

Bishop David A. Richey is the founder and senior pastor at Gulf Coast Christian Center in Mobile, Alabama. He is also the founder and presiding bishop of the non-profit Operation MOBILE International Churches, Inc.

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  1. Older blacks do need to speak out because many younger people its understandable can’t fearing career or financial reprisals. Its very complicated though sadly many blacks and other folks “benefit” with maintaining the status quo, particularly social workers keeping people dependent and the public school system fearing educational competition. And, many jack leg preachers relying on their unenlightened congregants wasting their hard earned money on them.


    Donald J. Trump will announce the endorsement of a group of 100 African-American pastors and religious leaders at his Manhattan headquarters next week.

    As the elections approach and America watches the extremes Democrat invented groups like BlackLivesMatter will go to just to stay in the headlines, a ground swell of resentment is growing across all communities, particularly African-American. Watching how the civil unrest now marches to the same drum as the 2016 Democrat platform, is making many wonder if they have been pawns.

    Minorities and the young who voted Democrat and for Obama have begun to realize they’ve been lied to. While their party controlled the government and presidency, unemployment rose in some communities to nearly 50% and good paying jobs became so scarce that over a third of young Americans had to move back in with mom and dad. Competing with millions of illegal aliens and mass imports of ‘refugees’ for fewer jobs while your own party and president block attempts to stem their flow, and then watching billions of tax dollars go to them instead of being used for new business development, training, and new jobs programs that could help you, does not inspire Democrats to return to the voting booth.

    Seeing that America was now awake and realized they’d been conned, Democratic Party leaders realized their survival now required new causes, new perceived social injustices and platforms that minorities and a new crop of young Americans wanting to change the world, would line up behind…vote for. So, with the aid of Democratic controlled liberal media, a campaign began to see what ‘stuck to the wall’…First came the ‘unfair wages campaign’, then, Ferguson. Democrats even had poll booths erected at the death site there. When the ‘victim’ turned out to be a thug, though, rather than give up, Democrats then tried to merge Ferguson with other perceived injustices. And, with paid race baiters, paid organizers and trouble makers, BlackLivesMatter was born.

    With more black on black atrocities than blue on black, Democrats realized they needed to merge this effort once again, and using liberal Democratic college professors working with paid race baiters, turned BlackLivesMatter loose on college campuses. Americans were simultaneously bombarded with calls asking if they wanted the government to ‘forgive’ their student loan debt…and told this could happen through the Democrats. Suddenly, the liberal media was reporting on this so-called ‘civil unrest’ spreading across college campuses. A carefully planned ‘civil unrest’ that just happens to match the Democratic platform they will be pushing at the 2016 polls…

    • Still believe only Americans vote in American elections? Click this link and ask yourself, ‘How many times has this happened?’ I am guessing, millions… http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s3962440.shtml

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    • Still believe non Americans are being deported or returning to their home countries? Click this link and find out what is really going on. Obama is sneaking them in with UPS planes and homeland security buses. http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2015/11/false-flag-alert-obama-caught-smuggling-in-refugees-on-ups-planes-video-2758292.html

    • Still think you hear all the news about the refugees? Liberal media is quietly and quickly filtering it out, so Americans only see children with tears…Take a look at the unfiltered refugee news…http://www.jewsnews.co.il/…/sickening-video-muslim-refugee…/