Here’s How the Government Would Disarm Law-Abiding Americans

Gun-rights advocate Colion Noir explains how the government would arrive, incrementally, tragedy by tragedy, at confiscating guns from law-abiding Americans. And he lets leftist, gun-grabbing politicians speak for themselves.

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  1. First there is no such thing as an assault weapon. It is a made up description by the fake lying liberal left hypocritical democRATic Socialist/Communist of a semi-automatic firearm which can be applied to any semi-auto firearm, pistol or rifle. Just because it looks scary does not change it’s function. One round fired for one pull of the trigger. This does not make the firearm an assault weapon. Assault is an action, which can be carried out with any object or no object at all. You can assault someone with your hand , fist, foot, or a teaspoon. The only assault is on the Second Amendment by the fake lying liberal left racist hypocritical democRATic Socialist/Communists who want to take over control of America. This is the reason that the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment where it was in the Constitution. To protect the people from a tyrannical government. The Second Amendment was not written for hunting. It was written so the people could remove a tyrannical government from oppressing them and restore the rule of the people, not to be governed by the politicians! No one who owns any weapon should under any circumstances ever register any weapon that they own. Right now they are trying to register knives in England because of the stabbings that are happening there! Mostly caused by radical Moslems who by intimidation are tying to over throw the government! PROTECT THE SECOND AMENDMENT AT ALL COSTS!