Here’s the Next Step for Gun Rights in Texas

As of last Friday, Texas gun owners with concealed-carry permits may openly carry handguns. From Fox News:

Activists with Open Carry Texas say they support the law, but that it should go farther. “Our ultimate goal will always be constitutional carry – if you can legally own and purchase a gun, you should be able to legally carry that gun without begging for government permission in the form of a license and 2nd Amendment tax,” they say on their website.

Texas had nearly 826,000 concealed license holders in 2014, which ranks among the nation’s highest. Openly carrying a gun will require obtaining the same license concealed weapons holders have — be at least 21, have clean criminal and psychology records, complete a training course and pass a shooting test. Concealed handguns are even allowed inside the Texas Capitol, where license holders can bypass metal detectors.

Without begging for government permission…

Constitutional carry — no permit required to carry handguns openly or concealed — is a worthy goal and backed by the Second Amendment. Texas is a shall-issue concealed-carry permit state, and residents don’t need a license to own handguns, shotguns, or rifles.

Private property owners in Texas still have the right to ban firearms, and gun owners can’t open-carry in places like sporting events or schools.

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