What California Is Making Crisis Pregnancy Centers Do

prolifeTshirtPart of a crisis pregnancy center’s mission is to protect unborn babies from legal slaughter. Women are well aware that they can go to an abortionist to end their children’s lives for any reason during the first trimester. They go to pregnancies centers seeking help, not death.

But the state of California, run by abortion advocates, wants these centers to promote abortion — in opposition to their mission and in violation of their freedom of speech and of religion.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that requires licensed pregnancy centers to promote abortion to pregnant women and teenagers and remind them that taxpayers will cover all or part of the cost. Unlicensed pregnancy centers must disclose their lack of a license.

Three pregnancy centers asked the court to block the law while the issue was pending, but the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit last week rejected the request. The court ruled that crisis pregnancy centers in California, which exist to save lives, must promote a practice that ends lives. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The clinics argued that the law violates their freedom of speech. The state-mandated notices are “the equivalent of a referral for abortion,” attorney Francis Manion of the American Center for Law and Justice [ACLJ], a conservative legal organization, said in a court filing this week.

The panel of Judges Edward Leavy, Milan Smith and Sandra Ikuta, all Republican appointees, said the clinics were unlikely to prevail in their appeal of a federal judge’s ruling allowing the law to take effect Friday.

Crisis pregnancy centers offer free counseling and services to pregnant women, including pregnancy tests and ultrasound examinations, but steer them away from abortions. There are about 2,500 centers nationwide and at least 228 in California, according to a legislative staff analysis of the new law.

The pregnancy centers will keep fighting against this law.

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