Here’s What Trump Has Done for Black Colleges and Universities That No Other President Has Ever Done

According to leftists of all races, President Donald Trump is a racist. Of course, he’s not, and Bishop Aubrey Shines provides one reason why.

Wouldn’t his policies reflect his so-called racism? No other president has done what he’s done for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, also known as HBCUs.

Before Trump, faith-based HCBUs, for example, couldn’t access federal funding for capital improvement projects. The policy impacted 40 HBCU institutions and their seminaries. President Donald Trump changed this policy, and he increased funding to HBCUs.

“Why is it that it has taken a conservative president to do something that black leaders have never touched before?” Shines asked. “Not one time in eight years did Barack Obama even fight this issue. As a matter of fact, I dare you to do your own study and find out what his eight years did for historically black colleges and universities.”

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One comment

  1. For decades democrat and republican politicians have always made promises to the minority communities that they would do this or do that for them prior to election day – forgotten the day after the electon. Trump is the only President that has done positive things for the minority communities and has remembered his campaign promises.