Here’s What’s Really Behind the Left’s Love Affair with Black Socialists

If you think the Democrat’s sudden fascination with black socialists has anything to do with their political acumen, you’re wrong. The truth is the Left’s recent love affair for national candidates like Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams, Ayanna Pressley and Aramis Ayala, who became the State Attorney for Orange and Osceola County, Florida in 2017, has less to do with their political talent, and more to do with their skin color, sex and oratory skills.

Truth be told, black men, and particularly black women, rank higher than most on the intersectionality chart of victimhood established by the left. With an adequate amount of funding, these candidates pose a serious threat to weak kneed republicans, who refuse to forcefully oppose their radical views for fear of being branded a racist, sexist, homophobe or worse, despite evidence to the contrary. The left uses political correctness as a weapon against republicans as a way of getting them to defend themselves against fabricated character attacks, rather than going on the offense against democratic policies. Unfortunately, the GOP has yet to convey a uniformed message that permits voters to ignore the claims of hate coming from the left, and, embrace a message of freedom and prosperity championed by those of us on the right.

To put it plainly, the left exploits black candidates in order to advance their white European style of socialism virtually unopposed.

But we’ve seen this before! This is nothing new! Similarly, Margaret Sanger, believed that the most successful educational appeal to the negro was through a “religious appeal.” As a result, the racist eugenicist, creator of the Negro Project and Founder of Planned Parenthood, hired black pastors (the real sellouts of the black community) to promote her theory on “birth control.” Sanger saw abortion as a means of eliminating the black race and other minority groups she deemed “genetically inferior” to whites. She went so far as to propose funding farmlands and homesteads to segregate blacks where they could be taught to work under “competent instructors” for their entire lives. Can you say slavery?! Additionally, she wanted black women sterilized to stop them from breeding so-called “undesirables,” because she believed their progeny (offspring) were tainted.

Today, left-wing radicals such as Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and George Soros, have rediscovered an ally amongst black socialists. They’ve joined forces to advance their own selfish agenda to expand the role of the federal government, keep more Americans impoverished and increase dependence upon government welfare programs. If they can both maintain and grow a permanent socioeconomic underclass that relies on the democratic party for their survival, democrats will win elections for the foreseeable future. Of course, for the rich left-wing megadonors that fund these candidates, there’s the added benefit of squashing upstart businesses under the weight of new taxes that could potentially compete with their companies.

Sadly, no one knows how to use blacks better than the Democratic Party. Parading black socialists in front of national cameras appeals to some of the black community’s worst instincts, such as revenge, entitlement and victimhood. Conveniently, many of their candidates moved to the front of the line are females. This makes them twice as difficult to beat. Therefore, republicans need qualified candidates that can skillfully draw them into policy debates and avoid the traps of identity politics.

To be clear, we’re not witnessing a trend or fad of black socialists rising to the top of the democratic food chain by accident. Using black socialists is a strategic ploy by the left to avoid debating the merits of their policies altogether. Those of us on the right can’t allow the democratic party to get away with using blacks any longer!

The right must fight for the spiritual, familial and financial health of the black community by reversing left-wing policies that have contributed to the destruction of the black family. Furthermore, we mustn’t hesitate to communicate why our policies help all Americans regardless of skin color, sex or socioeconomic status. Likewise, we must elect candidates that have the courage to implement those policies in the face of societal pressure.

Democratic socialists aren’t an asset to the black community. They’re a detriment to it, and should be treated as such.

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  1. “White European style of socialism.” Cal, you do know that Hitler fully believed that FDR was a socialist Jew. As well, J. Edgar Hoover had convinced himself that the early leaders of the Civil Rights Movement–going as far back as Walter White and Marcus Garvey–were communist dissidents. Same with Adam Clayton Powell, Whitney Young, Martin Luther King…even Dr. Ralph Bunche. You make a very unfair accusation against patriotic African Americans.

    • Seems to me that what other people called them isn’t as important as what they actually were. FDR certainly wasn’t Jewish, and I’m not sure that “socialist” is accurate either. And J. Edgar Hoover saw Communists under every bed!

      BTW, “Nazi” is short for “National Socialist,” so Hitler actually was a socialist. Nazism, Communism, and Fascism are all forms of collectivism – the idea that individuals exist to serve the state.

  2. Socialism, European style or other has FAILED everywhere it has been tried. Question should be, WHY, on God’s green America would ANYONE think(not) it should work here? It begins at home, and in our schools of indoctrination, learning about how America came to be and what principles were to be followed has to be the missing elements of indoctrination. Scary thing happened on the way to potentially turning the sinking ‘Titanic America’ around in 2016: Millions of Americans(?) supported a ‘convicted out of her own mouth criminal, in Clinton; and worse, an avowed Socialist/Communist in Sanders! Our esteemed, educated(not), evolved(detrimentally), electorate, once again suspended all rational thought and returned government legislation to the myopic, degenerate, malaise infected “usual suspects,” DemocRAT party! Of course, part of the idiocy was fomented by that ‘other party,’ the DemocRAT Lite Grand ole Putz outfit….

    • And we must remember that the progressive left striving for their communist utopia have infiltrated the public school system and implanted the professional propagandists at university level. The only answer is either home schooling or charter schools to preserve the Republic.

      • Would you believe that the Black Panthers were among the early advocates of home schooling in the 1960s? No, it didn’t pan out, but maybe they were on to something about government indoctrination of young, impressionable minds.