Heterophobia: Fear of a Straight Planet

earth_2Are your windows locked, shades drawn, doors shut, walls soundproofed, garage closed, and Donald Sterling’s girlfriend nowhere in sight? Good, let’s chat. Talking about gays has become as taboo as conservatives criticizing President Obama’s policies. If you were to ask 97 percent of Americans behind closed doors what they thought of Michael Sam’s public display of affection (PDA) with his boyfriend during the NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins censorship and reeducation of Don Jones as a result of his reaction to Michael Sam’s PDA, the Benham brother’s banishment from HGTV due to their faith , or about California’s attempt to name gay men “mothers,” and lesbians “fathers” on birth certificates, I’m convinced most would be concerned about the unfair and discriminatory treatment of Christians, Conservatives, and heterosexuals both in media and by the LGBTQ community. Truth be known, LGBTQ activist are often bullies that prefer extra rights over equal rights, and government censorship of their opposition rather than tolerance. Face it, LGBTQ’s don’t fear traditional values, they fear that those of us with traditional values are right. Let me explain.

Since I wrote an article two years ago entitled “Gay Activists Attempt to Bully Chick-Fil-A,” their bigotry, intolerance, and hypocrisy towards Christians are undeniable. As I stated above, the LGBTQ want extra rights not equal rights; their demand for extra Constitutional rights is evident in the activist judges and politicians they support in order to usurp the votes of their fellow citizens. The rest of us are left longing for the good old days (three years ago) when equal rights were in style. By using the 14th Amendment out of context, they’ve managed to convince many people that civil rights apply to same sex partnerships, when in actuality civil rights are inalienable rights given to us all by God. I don’t expect fewer or additional rights under the Constitution because I’m black (an actual civil right), nor should gays expect extra protection under the Constitution because they’re gay (a sexual choice and behavior). I can’t marry a person of the opposite sex and expect my boss to purchase their benefits, but they can choose to marry someone of the same sex. Minorities should be offended when LGBTQ’s piggy back on the Civil Rights Movement. We can’t change our skin color behind closed doors, but they can change their behavior-just look at the ever increasing acronym of LGBTQ for proof. Sex was created by God as an expression of love. It neither defines love, or who you are as a whole person.

Consider the practical ramifications of a predominantly gay society. Heterosexual marriage (sacred marriage) benefits society in ways same sex marriage (state marriage) cannot. Population growth and new taxpayers, which are essential for a thriving economy, can only be produced by heterosexual relationships. Now, let’s reverse numbers for a second. If gays were 97 percent of America’s population instead of three percent, the United States would cease to exist in just one generation. Logic dictates that it’s important for any nation to encourage healthy heterosexual marriages. That’s not discriminatory, it’s smart.

Secondly, LGBTQ activists claim they want tolerance and diversity, but what they really desire is censorship of Christians. They’re seeking a moral legitimacy that can only come from God. It’s no longer enough for one to simply agree with gay activists, or accept their lifestyle. Nowadays, you must assist them in advancing their cause even at the expense of your own faith. This is why many LGBTQ activists reject faith in the public square. If God isn’t real, then morality is subjective. In addition, if gays were as comfortable in their own skin as they claim, they’d be celebrating their differences (diversity) instead of trying to copy cat traditional marriage. If the LGBTQ community wants genuine tolerance where we can all agree to disagree yet still be friends, then using bully tactics to silence opposition, and forcing their values on others is a bad place to start. By definition, a “Civil Right” cannot be used to destroy the rights of others.

Finally, everyone wants their life to matter, and LGBTQ individuals are no different. I’ve already established that they’re looking for moral legitimacy. Therefore, if traditionalist are right about marriage, that is, that it’s meant for one man and one woman, then gays would have to concede that their relationships do not measure up. Personally, I’d hate to be part of any relationship where another person determines my worth. Consider the Black Panthers or the KKK (and no I’m not comparing gays to racist bigots), if ethnic groups didn’t exist for these groups to hate, their lives would be irrelevant. Likewise, many in the homosexual community are mistakenly identifying their worth based on what they do and who they love, instead of who they are.

LGBTQ Americans don’t deserve our scorn, but rather our love and prayers. It saddens me to know that so many people search for their purpose, sense of belonging, and identity in whom they choose to sleep with. Imagine sitting in front of a counselor and being asked to list all of the attributes that make you who you are. Unless you’re seeing a sex therapist, sex probably wouldn’t even come up. Perhaps you’re a mother, a son, a friend, generous, kind, patient, selfless, ambitious, entrepreneurial, hard working, funny, smart, articulate, strong willed, humble, organized, etc. Why ignore all of the attributes that make you unique? In short, if your worth is identified by your lover instead of the lover of your soul, you better hope that person never leaves you. However, when you find your value in the one who created you and made you unique, you’ll never have to picket, vote, or sue for affirmation, and you’ll never be alone.

Carl JacksonCarl Jackson is a radio talk show host – his web site is www.carljacksonshow.com

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