Pro-life Public Relations

CUREabortionvids2“It is one of the paradoxes of contemporary America that even though liberals are broadly winning the gay marriage debate, over the last three years they have lost considerable ground to conservatives in the long-running battle on abortion,” the Telegraph‘s Peter Foster writes.

Thanks to lawmakers pushing defund-Planned-Parenthood legislation, former abortion mill workers exposing what goes on in those places (Abby Johnson, for example), Planned Parenthood workers lying about fetal development and covering up statutory rape, monsters like Kermit Gosnell–to name a few reasons–the pro-life movement has made some headway in its battle to protect unborn babies.

Foster said pro-lifers are winning the PR war on abortion, just as the homosexual lobby is winning the war on destroying marriage. (He’s a liberal, so the story’s frame is pro-abortion.) Pro-lifers are also concerned about women’s health in the debate, but Foster claims such concerns are “largely disingenuous and can be demonstrated as such.” He cited a judge’s decision to stay a law requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges, “since it was clear from testimony that the regulations to make abortions ‘safer'” weren’t applied to riskier outpatient procedures.

Protecting women who decide to kill their babies is a legitimate reason for more regulations. Naturally, such regulations raise the standard that some abortion clinics won’t be able to meet. That’s good for the babies, and, ultimately, for the women. Kermit Gosnell’s acts, unnoticed by authorities for years, could have been stopped if they’d been diligent. Foster throws a bone and admits that the liberal media made a “big mistake” with their inadequate coverage of his atrocities.

Life News refuted Foster’s implication that only conservatives oppose abortion.

“As an overview, nearly 6 in ten Americans disapprove of the reasons almost all abortions are performed,” Dave Andrusko wrote. “A sizable portion of Democrats, like all Americans, oppose abortions performed after the first trimester. Likewise in support of a ban on abortions performed on babies capable of experiencing that excruciating pain.”

I predict that as technology continues to improve and reveal the awesome development of unborn babies, more “pro-choice” people will change their views. After all, we’re talking about living and vulnerable human beings. It is a moral and noble goal to protect them.

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