A High School Student Wanted to Start a Pro-Life Club — Intolerant Pro-Abortion Teachers Called Her a Bigot

A high school student in Indianapolis wanted to start a Students for Life-affiliated club. But things didn’t go well — as expected. The student alleged that teachers and faculty personally antagonized her and called her names on social media. She also alleged that the school discriminated against her when it denied her group official student club status.

The school’s principal had previously approved the club but revoked approval after the school took issue with a flyer that contained a photo with the phrases “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “I am the pro-life generation.” The Indianapolis Star reported that the school’s vice principal wanted the signs to contain text only.

The school also had a problem with the girl’s mother attending a meeting to discuss the flyer. The principal wrote to the student’s mother: “At this point, I am not confident that this club is a student-driven club and therefore am removing the club’s approval to meet in school.”

Charitable Allies, Inc. of Indianapolis filed a lawsuit on behalf of the unnamed minor, known as E.D. From Students for Life:

The suit alleges that the school leadership had “unbridled discretion (that) allows them to create a culture that permits discrimination based on content and viewpoint.” Following the denial for club status and school participation over months of attempts to engage, the complaint also alleges that teachers for Noblesville School District then abused their positions by posting defamatory statements on social media about the student by name, including referring to the student as “bigoted” and “misogynistic.”

Students for Life announced Tuesday that the parties have reached a partial agreement. The school will allow the student to start the group while the matter is pending.

“In addressing abortion—the human rights issue of our day—we have no time to waste as popular culture and a well-funded abortion industry targets young women, pressuring them to end young life by taking away their hope for a future,” said Hawkins. “At Students for Life of America, we’ve seen how personal engagement with loving, pro-life friends saves lives, and we are proud to fight for our student’s right to have a voice in her school.”

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  1. Teen and “tween” girls should know about the Pro Life/Pro Choice debate (but that’s awfully young to debate having a baby.) Maybe wait awhile?